Project Submission Process

You will submit your project on the Project Submission page.
Below are the steps to sponsoring an NMSU College of Engineering capstone project as well as an overview of the process.  It is not a requirement that the project be multidisciplinary in nature.  If you are interested in sponsoring a faculty member and not necessarily defining a project the procedure will be the same with specific changes as noted below.  Note that all projects are two-semester projects, fall 2019 – spring 2020.  The participation fee to sponsor a project for the academic year starting in the fall and finishing in the spring is $6,000.  The fee covers direct project costs (limited to $2,000) and indirect costs needed to support the program such as administration costs, mentor expenses, project management software costs, and shop support costs.
Project deliverables for the fall 2020 semester will be conceptual design presentation and report and preliminary design presentation and report.  Project deliverables for the spring 2020 semester will consist of construction milestone reviews 1/3 and 2/3 into the semester and will conclude with a final design presentation of the prototype and report. Note that sponsors can use the “Sponsor Login” at any time to monitor the progress of their project, retrieve project files such as presentations and reports, and communicate directly with project mentors.
The project submission process involves the following 3 steps: (1) creating an account, (2) describing your organization, and (3) defining the project.
Step 3 Instructions
  • Category – indicate if the project is multidisciplinary or if the project requires a particular discipline. You may add as many different disciplines that are needed for the project.
  • Project Description – provide enough detail for NMSU project mentors to make a decision regarding the complexity of the project. If your wish is to sponsor a faculty member, simply state “Faculty Sponsored Project” and indicate a preferred project topic.
  • Project team discipline request – indicate how many students from each discipline are anticipated for the project. For example, if you anticipate 1 Mechanical Engineer, 2 Electrical Engineers, 1 Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, and 1 Industrial Engineer you will have 5 selections with Electrical and Computer Engineering selected twice.  The desired team size is 5 team members, however, you can select up to 8 team members.
When you have completed the submission process you should receive an email indicating your project has been received by the Aggie Engineering Capstone Design Program.  The final deadline to submit a project is August 19, 2019.  You can make changes to your submitted project at any time until it is selected.  Please note that the company will be notified of their project selection on or prior to August 23, 2019. Once a project has been selected, a project mentor will be assigned to the project and the sponsors will receive a notice indicating that the project has been selected and that the NMSU Sponsored Student Activity Agreement is waiting to be completed.  At this time the sponsor can go to the Aggie Engineering Capstone Design Program website and use the “Sponsor Login” link to access the document and communicate with the project mentor.

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