Aggie Engineering Capstone Design Program


Capstone projects are the culminating experience of all engineering undergraduates’ academic life, giving them an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through coursework to solve a real-world problem through engineering design. Teams of seniors collaborate on projects in the fall and spring semesters of their final year. They design, build and test their innovations under the supervision of professors researching cutting-edge technology and professional engineers with engineering problems to solve.
The current model in the college of engineering is that students take departmental courses to meet their capstone requirements.  In general, departmental projects have very limited input from industry and are restricted to only students within a particular major.
The new Aggie Engineering Capstone Design Program is an initiative by the college of engineering at NMSU to provide students with a capstone experience that is more attuned to real-life experience. This will be accomplished by directly exposing students to projects defined by industry, projects that are interdisciplinary in nature, and projects overseen by professional mentors with a background in project management.  NMSU’s College of Engineering invites industry partnerships to sponsor interdisciplinary capstone projects to discover innovative solutions to their real-world problems and meet top engineering talent.  Note that it is not a requirement that the projects be interdisciplinary in nature but we do anticipate most projects to involve more than one engineering discipline.